The Old Sewing Factory

The Old Sewing Factory

13 Dec 2010

Unable to Update Wordpress Plugins Hosted in IIS 7

I've had a bit of trouble updating my Worpress plugins this evening, it's normally a 30 second job, but tonight things ...
05 Dec 2010

Saving CSV files in UTF8 Creates  Characters in Excel

A few weeks ago in work I was minding my own business creating one of the ubiquitous Export to CSV features. You know t...
18 Nov 2010

Templated Controls in WebForms

Today I had needed to create a templated control, please don't think less of me. I wanted to avoid calling FindControl ...
08 Nov 2010

ASP .Net Webforms can be Sexy too

Source code: []( For all the ...
04 Nov 2010

Slow file Deletion in Visual Studio 2010

I've recently been trying to delete some cruft from a few projects I'm working on. In one solution with about 16 projec...
03 Nov 2010

Using jQuery UI Autocomplete with WCF services

Demo: []( Source: [https://gi...
11 Oct 2010

GUI Autorunner for NUnit

<a href="/images/WorksOnMyMachine.png"><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-130" title="it works on my machine" sr...
30 Sep 2010

Migrator .Net Code Templates

A little while ago I posted some code samples that made the process of creating migrations in migrator .net a bit more ...
29 Sep 2010

Double Postback in ASP .Net

One of the things that I've seen in a number of different ASP .Net apps is a double post back. Once you get it on a pag...
25 Sep 2010

NeverNull - because we can't extend the ?? operator

This morning [@JeffHandley]( tweeted this [