A Quick and Dirty Cache

April 5, 2011

Brownfield development on a tight deadline is never fun, it’s never elegant and it’s certainly not satisfying.

One problem I keep finding is code that repeatedly calls the backing stores with the same query. If I don’t have the time to refactor the code to work properly I sometimes cheat and use a cache that’s specific to the HttpContext. It’s not nice, but it does get me out of a hole every once in a while.

public static class ContextCache
	public static T Get<T>(string key)
		var value = HttpContext.Current.Items[key];
		return value is T ? (T)value : default(T);

	public static void Put(string key, object value)
		HttpContext.Current.Items[key] = value;

It’s pretty simple to use:

var entity = ContextCache.Get<Entity>("Entity_123");
if (entity == null)
    entity = GetFromBackingStore(123);
    ContextCache.Put("Entity_123", entity);
return entity;

This is definitely one of those bits of ugly code that can get you out of a hole in a rush. It aint pretty, but it works.

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