The Old Sewing Factory

The Old Sewing Factory

11 Oct 2010

GUI Autorunner for NUnit

For a sometime MBUnit has had an auto runner, sadly NUnit has managed to avoid getting one for itself. I like using NUnit, in fact all my unit tests are now written in NUnit. I really like the idea of having an auto runner, so I built one.

The binaries are here: Auto Runner (Binaries) and the source is here: Autorunner NUnit- (src) It’s not had much testing, I simply got it to work for the tests that I was trying to run and not a lot more in fact I think I may use it to get my “Works on My Machine” certification.

Using it is fairly simple, open up the GUI, load your project as normal and in the test menu there is a new option called “Auto Run” clicking that kicks off the first run and then waits for changes to the Assemblies, when they are changed a new test run is kicked off. To stop the auto run simply click the same menu item.

Auto Runner Grab

If people like this then I’ll take a look at pushing it into the main NUnit project. What do you think?

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